(alu meskxawngä potkastì nìNa'vi nì'aw)

About this podcast

Meskxawng (“two idiots”) is a podcast in which two people discuss arbitrary topics, exclusively in Na'vi. The most important aim is, of course, that it is fun to listen to. But by means of this podcast we also want to provide an opportunity for people, who want to improve their Na'vi skills, to listen to that language in order to practice. A new episode arrives every week!
Meskxawng is made by the two Na'vi enthusiasts Tekre and Wllìm (and sometimes a guest). Please keep in mind that we are not experts of the language, so sometimes (we mean... often) mistakes occur. Even when we notice a mistake, we don't edit it out of the podcast, because we prefer showing the way that we speak Na'vi normally, without “improving” it.
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